Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022 winners announcement

03 Mar 2023

Organized by National Geographic magazine and presented by Wheelock Properties, the Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022 closed for submissions on December 5, 2022. Despite being limited to photographs taken within Hong Kong, the Contest was highly competitive, with many photography enthusiasts from mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Hungary, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates competing alongside local Hong Kong photographers.


The Contest was divided into six categories: City, Wildlife, Landscape, People, Mobile, and Short Video, with a total of 8,580 entries. The judging panel consisted of National Geographic Chinese explorer, renowned wildlife photographer Xi Zhinong, Hong Kong filmmaker Cheung King-wai, and Lee Yungshih, the Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine.


Wildlife photographer Xi Zhinong said: "It is an honor to participate in the judging of the Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022. The Contest inspires photographers and Hong Kong citizens to constantly discover the changes in Hong Kong. The works in the six categories allow us to approach Hong Kong more comprehensively, while also showing the relationship between the city and nature. The most precious thing about Hong Kong is the wilderness that is so close to the high-rise buildings. The wildlife photography works in this Contest are not exciting enough. I hope that with the continuous holding of the Contest, more and better wildlife images can emerge."


Another judge, director Cheung King-wai, said: "The works are all beautiful, stunning, and dazzling. The judging process is like choosing a wife from a crowd of beautiful women. Since the beauty is there, we focus on the 'uniqueness,' exclude the monotony, and then look at the 'thoughtfulness,' to see if the works can stimulate the viewers' imagination. We also spent a lot of time checking whether the photos were 'over-processed,' becoming too 'artificial' and 'fake.' It was exhausting and demonstrated the problems caused by technology. Both in aesthetics and as people, it is best to be as natural and sincere as possible. "


Lee Yungshih, the editor-in-chief, believed that "the Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022 once again attracted many wonderful works, which is gratifying. In particular, many photos captured the special journey that Hong Kong has experienced over the past two years, leaving behind a certain historical significance. This is the second time for Short Video as a category of the Contest, we gradually saw more videos with 'storytelling' attempts, rather than just a collection of fragments. We look forward to seeing more creative and innovative works in photography and video in the future."


“We are deeply honoured to have co-organised the Hong Kong Photo Contest with National Geographic for the sixth consecutive year. It is also our pleasure to have received over 8,500 entries. Each of them revealed the mesmerising beauty of the metropolis, and the entries in the Short Video category even told extraordinary stories of our city. Now that the pandemic is behind us, life in Hong Kong returns to normal. We hope every photo enthusiast will continue to support the Hong Kong Photo Contest by showing the unique charisma of Hong Kong to the world.”, says Ricky Wong, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Wheelock Properties Limited and Wheelock Properties (Hong Kong) Limited.

The winning entries of "Organized by National Geographic Magazine Chinese Edition, Presented by Wheelock: Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022" will be exhibited in physical exhibition and online virtual exhibition in parallel, allowing the global public to visit for free.


1) Physical Exhibition︰

Address:「WLAB」- 1/F, Block A-D, Tung Kin Factory Building, 196 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, North Point

Date: 3 – 31 March 2023, 2pm - 5pm (Closed on Sat, Sun & public holidays)


2) Online Virtual Exhibition: