National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 Official Launch

02 Oct 2018

National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 officially kicks off tomorrow. Themed “Hong Kong Story”, the global competition invites both enthusiasts and novices aged 16 and above to explore and story tell the best of Hong Kong nature, city and people through their lens.


National Geographic and Wheelock Properties is partnering once again with the support by The Hong Kong Tourism Board, in organising the international photography competition in Hong Kong; offering an international platform not only for Hong Kong photographers to showcase their awe-inspiring work, but also to reveal the best of The Oriental Pearl to the world.


National Geographic and Wheelock Properties hope to enable cultural exchange through photography and bring skills of Hong Kong photographers to the next level, in par with international standards during which will be photography workshops and talks led by renowned experts in the industry – offering a platform that’ll be both educational and interactive.


Chairman of Wheelock Properties Mr Stewart Leung said, “Hong Kong’s reputation of The Oriental Pearl is not without reason; whether in our manifest nature and adventurous outdoors, colourful metropolis city living or affectionate people and their Hong Kong spirit. This year, we are honoured to partner once again with National Geographic. We hope that the National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 will attract a substantial number of photography enthusiasts to discover these unseen sides of the city and also to become a highlight in the photography community. Through the competition and subsequent exhibitions our hope is also for the public to pay more attention to the city we love so dearly, to be able to find a moment or two in their daily grinds to appreciate all the things we are blessed with – in our places, people, and happenings.”


"For the first time last year, we jointly organised the ‘National Geographic Wheelock Youth Photography Competition’ with Wheelock Properties, and with the support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, to enable a new generation of photographers between the age of 16 and 40 to tell stories about Hong Kong's places, people and happenings with their unique perspectives and vision," said Ivan Tsoi, the chief operating officer of the Traditional Chinese edition of National Geographic magazine, “Among the entries submitted last year, Sacrifice by Joan Pabona of the Philippine won second place in the "People & Happenings in Hong Kong" category. Her picture depicting construction workers arranging green scaffolding safety nets outside a window garnered widespread media coverage from both Hong Kong and abroad. William Leung, a native Hongkonger, received honourable mentions for his work showing laundry being air-dried on the exposed staircases of Shatin’s Jat Min Chuen, highlighting the unique cultural landscape of Hong Kong.  Apart from scaffolding workers and public housing estates, there are plenty of subjects waiting to be explored and photographed in Hong Kong. To encourage even more photographers to participate this year, we have changed the name of the contest to the ‘National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photography Contest’, which now allows photographers over the age of 40 to submit their works. Just like last year, we will be holding photo sharing sessions, photo seminars and photo workshops during the submission period. We sincerely welcome every photographer to participate in this contest, and we look forward to receiving even more wonderful works.”


National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 is now accepting entries from 16 year-old and above photography enthusiasts. The competition is divided into four categories: “Nature”, “City”, “People”, and “Mobile Photography”. From now until December 3rd, contestants can upload their works onto the winners will receive prizes worth up to HKD100,000; and works by first-, second- and third-place from each category will have a chance to be featured in the Chinese version of National Geographic which is distributed to more than 100,000 readers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore as well as in future photography exhibitions.


Categories and Prizes:

  1. Nature: From natural landscape to outdoor adventures, reveal Hong Kong’s beauty wild and wonderful.
  2. City: Cityscapes, images depicting underlying potential of Hong Kong, and photos that capture the charming of Hong Kong city.
  3. People: Portraits, everyday encounters, photos with stories and Hong Kong spirit.
  4. Mobile Photography: photograph taken by mobile on above themes

1st Place Category   Winner

Prize of HKD15,000; 12-issue subscription of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine

2nd Place Category   Winner

Prize of HKD6,500; 12-issue subscription of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine

3rd Place Category   Winner

Prize of HKD3,500; 12-issue subscription of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine

Merit Award

12-issue subscription of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine

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